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Who am I ?

I am Nelly Garreau, multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Angers.

After working as an illustrator and graphic designer in communication agencies in Shanghai, Paris and New York, It is in Angers, my hometown, that I now carry out collaborations with French and foreign brands, and companies.

My experience in branding and communication agencies abroad has taught me three fundamentals in my way of working : understand client's values, build a story and bring coherence between the two.​

My goal : Bring added value to my clients and their projects, create consistent brand experiences in order to that they fit together and sing in harmony to give them the best chance of success.


Visual communication / Posters / Murals

cartes de visite.png

Graphical charter / Logotype / Layout

The essence of a project is the perfect harmony between the aesthetic, the useful and the just.


My creations

They trusted me
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